Review Bad Cruz

Bad Cruz by L. J. Shen

  • Titel: Bad Cruz
  • Author: L. J. Shen
  • Publisher: Selfpublisher
  • Pages: 404 Pages
  • ASIN: B098YJJ4TQ
  • Price: 3,45 €


I would say Dr. Cruz Costello is my archenemy. But that would require acknowledging one another, which we haven’t done in over a decade. He’s the town’s golden child. The beloved quarterback-turned-physician. I’m the girl who got knocked up at sixteen and now works at a diner. He is Fairhope royalty. I get my monarch dose from tabloid gossip. He’s well-off. I’m…well, off. When our siblings get engaged, Cruz’s parents invite both families to a pre-wedding cruise. Except Cruz and I find ourselves stuck on a different ship from everyone else. Cue ten horrible, insufferable days at sea with a man I cannot stand. (My fault, of course.) But when the alcohol pours in, the secrets spill out, and I’m left with one question: Can I take another chance on love?

My Opinion:

I’m a huge L.J. Shen Fan and I always look forward to her new books. So I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Bad Curz. The cover is beautiful and a real eye catcher. It also fits the plot absolutely perfectly. Shen’s writing style is terrific. It was humorous, very emotional and damn hot. I couldn’t put the book down and I was done within a day. The Plot has a good pace and I often feel like I was right in the middle of the action. For me it was one of the most emotional books by L.J. Shen. A few tears flowed while reading and it tore my heart apart. It´s good, however, that Shen knows exactly how to put my heart back together.

The characters were wonderfully worked out, they had depth, they were multifaceted and they all had their rough edges. The change of perspective between Cruz and Tennessee made it possible to empathize with both of them and understand their respective actions and behaviors. Tennessee is a woman you just have to love. She does everything for her son and does not let herself get down, no matter how badly she is treated by the people in town or by her family. I took Bear right into my heart and I really enjoyed the interactions between the two of them. Tennessee has gone through a great deal of development. The greatest of all characters and I loved the way she finally stood up for herself in the end. Tennessee and Cruz are an explosive mix, and I absolutely loved the dialogue and interaction between these two. The air literally crackled with tension. Cruz behavior towards Tennessee made me desperate at times, but I totally understood it. Somehow he had to lure her out of her shell.

Bad Cruz was an absolute roller coaster ride of emotions and I enjoyed every single minute. Fans of L.J. Shen get their money’s worth here. Even if you’re new to Shen, you won’t go wrong with this book.

I highly recommend this book.


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