Review Filthy Wicked Psychos 1: Twisted Game

Twisted Game von Eva Ashwood 

  • Title: Twisted Game 
  • Author: Eva Ashwood
  • Publisher: Independently published 
  • Pages: 420 Pages
  • ASIN: B0B7J78QY7
  • Price: 4,99 €


My whole life, no one has had my back. My parents are dead, my adoptive mother is a drug addict, and the mean girls on campus mock me for my scars. So when I end up desperate for money and out of options, I agree to sell the one thing I have left: my innocence. On the night I’m meant to give my body to a brutal Russian mobster, three men storm into the room like dark shadows and kill him before he can claim me. When they drag me from the blood-soaked bed, I’m certain they’re going to kill me too. They don’t… but they don’t forget about me, either. These three dangerous brothers will do anything to make sure I keep my mouth shut about what I saw, even if it means stalking my every movement. I’m a loose thread to them—but somehow, I’m becoming more than that too. I’m becoming an obsession. A temptation. A craving. And no matter how much I try to deny the terrifying attraction that pulses between us, I know if I don’t find a way out of this tangled web soon…

My Review:

I am a big Fan of Eva Ashwoods „Dirty broken savage“ series and so i definitely needed to read her new Series „Filthy wicked Psychos“. And what can I say: I liked Twisted Game even more. A real highlight of the year. Eva Ashwood has a wonderful writing style. It’s full of tension, smutty scenes and I couldn’t put it down. The plot was never boring and i can’t say at all which of the men i prefer. I didn’t see this ending coming and I love it when there are some surprising twists. And the steam was soo freaking good. 

I fell in love with all the Characters real quick. I especially like Willow and Malice. I love the chemistry between the four of them and they are so hot together. I couldn’t get enough of all the characters. Malice and his two brothers were just fascinating and I especially want to know more about Victor’s story. Despite her innocence, Willow was such a strong character and she never gave up. She never cowers before her loser of father nor for the three men. She goes toe to toe with Victor, Ransom and Malice. 

Nevertheless, I can understand why she is still a bit attached to her father. After all, he was her only reference person for the longest time.

Do you like morally grey MMC? Reverse Harem? Forced proximity? Lot of tension? Dirty talk and „who did this to you“? then you should definitely read „Twisted Game“. You will not be disappointed. I need the second book ASAP!!


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