Review Little Thieves

Little Thieves by Margaret Owen 

  • Titel: Little Thieves
  • Author: Margaret Owen
  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
  • Pages: 384 Pages
  • Price: 4,99 €


Once upon a time, there was a horrible girl…

Vanja Schmidt knows that no gift is freely given, not even a mother’s love?and she’s on the hook for one hell of a debt. Vanja, the adopted goddaughter of Death and Fortune, was Princess Gisele’s dutiful servant up until a year ago. That was when Vanja’s otherworldly mothers demanded a terrible price for their care, and Vanja decided to steal her future back… by stealing Gisele’s life for herself.

The real Gisele is left a penniless nobody while Vanja uses an enchanted string of pearls to take her place. Now, Vanja leads a lonely but lucrative double life as princess and jewel thief, charming nobility while emptying their coffers to fund her great escape. Then, one heist away from freedom, Vanja crosses the wrong god and is cursed to an untimely end: turning into jewels, stone by stone, for her greed.

Vanja has just two weeks to figure out how to break her curse and make her getaway. And with a feral guardian half-god, Gisele’s sinister fiancé, and an overeager junior detective on Vanja’s tail, she’ll have to pull the biggest grift yet to save her own life.

My Opinion:

“Little Thieves” was my first book by Margarete Owen and since the blurb and the great cover appealed to me, I really wanted to read the book. I really liked the idea behind the story and it was something different.The world building was really great and the idea of a retelling was super amazing but the downside of all this was Margaret Owens writing style. 

From the first page on, I had some problems with her particular writing style and that meant I just couldn’t get into the book properly. For me, the book was not an easy read and therefore i couldn’t read more than a few chapters at a time. Even if I had a few problems, I really liked the plot itself.

I really liked Vanja and she was my favorite Character. She was brave, she didn’t let herself get down and I liked her approach in all the tough sitiuations. I really understood her actions and decisions through the whole book.

I had my problems with the other characters. Just how they treated Vanja sometimes was definitely not okay. Gisele couldn’t inspire me at all with her manner and she is the character I liked the least. Emeric Conrad … it took me a long time to warm up to him and even until the end i really don’t know what i should think about him.

Whoever liked her other books will also love her new book as the plot itself was really great and exciting. But unfortunately it was not for me, because I just can’t get along with Margarete Owen’s writing style.


The rights to the covers lie with the respective publisher / author! This book was made available to me as a review copy by Hodder & Stoughton. All reviews reflect my honest opinion.