Review Losers Part 1

Losers Part 1 by Harley Laroux

  • Title: Lasers Part 1
  • Author: Harley Laroux
  • Puplisher: Harley Laroux Publications
  • Pages: 592 Pages
  • Price: 3,04 €


I was supposed to have it all.

I’d been Prom Queen, Cheer Captain – high school’s most savage Queen Bee. I could have everything I wanted.

Except them. The freaks, the weirdos, the school’s ultimate losers: Manson, Jason, Lucas, and Vincent. Our hatred for each other couldn’t keep us apart, not even when my own mistake got Manson expelled and made me the ultimate villain to the rest of them.

One night was supposed to be enough.

I couldn’t resist forever. For one night I gave myself over to the men I wasn’t supposed to want and satisfied the darkest parts of my soul. But some things are meant to stay in the dark. One night, and it was over.

Nothing more than a game.

Now, with college behind me, our worlds collide yet again. Four men, all willing to share me as their plaything until my debt to them is paid. Another game to satiate my dark cravings, the twisted rules of which bring us all even closer than before. But games aren’t meant to last.

When the debt is paid and the game is done, what if I don’t want to walk away?

My Opinion:

Oh my gosh!!! This books was so amazing. Harley Laroux is one of my all time favorite Authors and i love all her books. I really love the Cover of „Losers Part 1“. It presents the story so well. Harley Laroux has a beautiful writing style and i couldn’t but the book down. I´ve read the book in one day and it was so good. All the feelings, the tension and the angst were so amazingly written. You’re rooting for the characters the whole time. And the spicy scene… the spicy scene were just so delicious. I had to fan myself a few times.

The Characters were portrayed very well. You could understand the actions and behavior very well. I love the boys and Jessica so much. They have so much chemistry and the tension between these five is so amazing. Generally I liked the plot very much and how everything developed was absolutely interesting and wonderfully written. The Dare was one of my favorite reads in 2021 and i was so excited that Harley wrote a full length novel for all these amazing character. 

If you liked „The Dare“ you definitely need to read „Losers“. You won’t regret it. And the end… the Cliffhanger… I need the next Part ASAP!!


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