Review The Prison Healer 2: The gilded cage

The gilded cage by Lynette Noni

  • Titel: The gilded Cage 
  • Author: Lynette Noni
  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
  • Pages: 329 Pages
  • ISBN: 978-1529360417
  • Price: 14,99 £


Kiva Meridan is a survivor.

She survived not only Zalindov prison, but also the deadly Trial by Ordeal. Now Kiva&;s purpose goes beyond survival to vengeance. For the past ten years, her only goal was to reunite with her family and destroy the people responsible for ruining their lives. But now that she has escaped Zalindov, her mission has become more complicated than ever.

As Kiva settles into her new life in the capital, she discovers she wasn´t the only one who suffered while she was in Zalindov ; her siblings and their beliefs have changed too. Soon it&;s not just her enemies she´s keeping secrets from, but her own family as well.

Outside the city walls, tensions are brewing from the rebels, along with whispers of a growing threat from the northern kingdoms. Kiva´s allegiances are more important than ever, but she´s beginning to question where they truly lie. To survive this time, she´ll have to navigate a complicated web of lies before both sides of the battle turn against her and she loses everything.

My Opinion:

I absolutely  loved  the Prison Healer and so I was really excited about „The Gilde Cage“. I like the cover very much and it fits with the first part perfectly. Lynette Noni has a wonderful writing style. It’s really comfortable to read. It is easy to read, emotional and exciting. The pages just flew by while reading and I couldn’t put the book down, even for a second. It was just so much fun. Compared to volume one, “The Gilde Cage” is told a little slower and more quietly. Nevertheless, there is a certain tension brewing and you are always excited about what happens next. The book starts about six weeks after volume one and we’re in the capital. Lynette Noni has created a wonderful setting and you quickly notice that nothing is what it sometimes seems.

I love Kiva, she is a strong character, adaptable, tough and still she has a great sense of honor and is there for her friends. You could really understand her conflict and her feelings. We suffer with kiva and we only wish her the best. She is going through great development in this part of the series. In “the Gilde Cage” you get to know Jaren even better and I can understand many of his actions very well. The tender love between him and Kiva is really well written. Still, I think it’s good that the love story isn’t the main focus of the whole plot. But my very favorite character is and will always be a Tipp. He’s just so sweetly naive and he hasn’t lost his innocence despite being trapped in Zalindov for years.

„The gilded cage“ was a worthy second part of this wonderful series but the ending … the ending killed me. I also had to shed a few tears. I need the third part asap, because this ending cannot stay that way…

I really recommend this book.


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